On the way to Maio...

The climate is perfect: lulled by the trade winds, the Cape Verde Islands are experiencing dry weather, a season of reduced rainfall few days a year, ideal temperature to sea: 23 degrees in winter, 26 in summer, and any sun year!

Especially its beaches are famous Maio: there are fifteen, representing several tens of kilometers, all white sand and most, absolutely deserted!

The main village, Vila Porto Ingles, you can visit the 19th century church, the Fort San Jose, built to fight against hackers attacks or you can run through the Salines, famous since the 16th century.

Maio has over seven thousand inhabitants, fishermen and farmers mostly.
This small island in the Cape Verde archipelago conceals many advantages: the friendliness, the hospitality of its inhabitants and a philosophy of life / art of living, the famous "morabeza".

Depending on the season, it is very common to see sea turtles to deposit their eggs on these beaches, places of election by excellence because of their purity.
You can particularly admire the dance of whales and dolphins ...