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The house is a beautiful villa in the Cape Verde Islands with a swimming pool.
It is located high on a cliff overlooking the ocean and offering unrivaled panoramic views of the Atlantic.

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The island of Maio

A lovely and authentic paradise

Welcome to Maio, idyllic island of 7000 inhabitants, known as the island of tranquility, an atmosphere of calm, hospitality and kindness.
Cape Verde has a tropical climate cool and dry type, the sun is present throughout the year.

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What to do in Maio?

Discover Cape Verde in all its forms ...

Ocean lovers, sporty or sea dreamers, various Maio resources will satisfy you throughout your call and reserve you many surprises!

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Maio, an island in the tropics close to home!

With less than six hours from Paris, almost without jet lag, Cape Verde is a tourist destination of the most popular.


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